I can’t remember the last time I shouted”Power”(Like Chiemerie).
Not because I’ve disciplined myself or something but because, the light isn’t coming forth.Yes! It isn’t..
When it does it can neither power a bulb or anything ( but I’m still in love with THIS PLACE, Eziokwu m)
I am now well known for carrying extension box up and down.
I went to buy something o. As I was opening my bag to pay for the goods I purchased o
The woman shouted ” Corper again?
You want to fill my shop with! with! With with! She stammered ( That kind of stammer that comes with anger, not a speech problem this time)
Go buy generator na
Chai! She thought I used style again to come and charge my gadgets.. Buh no!
“I charged them elsewhere ma, I’m not charging anything today”.
“Oh! I see! EEE your money is three hundred and sixty naira” She said.
Lesson: it isn’t always right to make a hasty conclusion.
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N/B:” Eziokwu m “in the story is an Igbo word that means ” Truth”

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  • Kingsley Okoro , Direct link to comment

    Hasty conclusions often ends poorly, leaving one with the feeling of embarrassment. This could easily be avoided, if only we, like the woman at the store, learn to control our impulse to speak, while gaining more knowledge through the simple, practical act of listening more and talking less.

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