How to make coconut oil

Coconut has uncountable health benefits and uses.

It is better to make your coconut oil by yourself. You know why? It’s easy to make.

You will need:
A blender/ grater
A chopping board
An object for breaking the coconut
A stainless pot
Hot water

Get started

Break all the coconuts with the object you got for breaking coconuts

Separate the coconut meat from the coconut shell with the aid of a knife (this is easier if you are using mature coconuts and they are the best)

Wash in a clean water and chop into smaller sizes to enable quick blending, grating or grinding ( if you are using the manual grater,cut in a way that will be suitable for you to grate) If you are using a blender, add warm water to the coconut as you blend until it’s smooth. Continue this procedure until all the chopped coconuts are poured into the blender.


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The next thing is to pour into a sieve to separate the chaff from the coconut milk. press with the hand to get all the milk out.

Leave the coconut milk in a bowl overnight.
Then scoop the curd that floats on the surface of the bowl.
Put the stainless pot over a heat and gradually pour the curd into the pot. As they dissolve, you are getting your coconut oil.
Your coconut oil is ready.
This is one of the several methods of making coconut oil.
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06 comments on “How to make coconut oil

  • Esther Adeniyi , Direct link to comment

    Are you kidding me? Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I was about taking off to Google to search for how to make coconut oil. I have always thought it was one very herculean process.

    The other day I was discussing with my hair stylist and she said that the reason why you don't get pure coconut oil even from these aged people anymore is because it is expensive.

    She said she bought 100 naira coconut and the coconut she was able to extract was worth only 100 naira. I hope she wasn't lying to me but she sounded convincing. She must be an excellent liar if she was. Kikikikiki…

    I want to try this out as soon as possible. But one thing is that coconut seems so hard, won't it hurt the blades of the grater or blender? I hope to God that that was not a foolish question.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Not at all dearie. The process is an easy one.
      Erm!…for your stylist, I think she buys from wholesalers maybe five nuts for 100
      …about hurting blades,it won't hurt, that's why it's advisable to cut into smaller bits.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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