How to monetize your blog

Blogging is a serious business. For some time now blogging became very popular with the internet users, there are lots of blogs currently which covers different aspects of life ranging from personal interest, politics, news, hewlth fashion and other topics.

Blogging has been on for quite a number of years now and it is still growing and still catching new interest everyday. Lots of people has seen the potentials in blogging and lots also use the technology just to write and share what is going on in their hearts and mind. ( which is very good)

Do you have a blog ? Are you actually maximizing your blog? these are questions that you need to ask yourself, so as to put your existing blog to best use and make it profitable if you desire to.

You may ask what is blog monetization, This is simply a way to make money from your blog. There are so many ways to make money from your blog, no matter how little or how big the amount is, it is best to ensure that you have that as a source of residual income at least gor managing your blog expenses and maintenance


1) Running adverts: This is simply a method where you register your blog with a company like google and other advert companies. They will give you some codes to paste on your blog and you get paid as decided by those companies.

2) Placing Text Adds: This allows you to make direct advertising for other companies in your blog post.
You are only required to include links to another company or product, within your current blog post whereby when visitors click on the link, they are taken to the company you are trying to refer them to.

3) Advert space: This is another method of making money from your blog. with this form of advert, you simply sell a particular space in your blog , to advertise another company or product, for an agreed duration of time.
If your blog has a high traffic rate, you can easily sell some spaces in your front page or other pages to advertisers for a few extra cash.

4) Affiliate Marketing: This is another way of making money from your blog where you are required to sign up with other companies and get registered for products or services and after which you are given a customized link which has you as a marketer and you now advertise such products or services on your blog,
when visitors to your blog make purchases from the company, you get paid some commission for the sale.

5) Create or sell your own product: Most bloggers has one form of skills or the other, some are into business or offer services but most times, you overlook your potential clients or customers that can be gotten from you blog.
If you have a blog and you have products that you sell or services that you render, i advise that you bring that product or service online and sell to your blog viewers.
You never can tell how much sales you may make from those loyal visitors to your blog.


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These are just few tips to monetize your blog, If you have a blog and it is not yet making some residual income for you, you need to think again and put that blog to more use. Learn to monetize your blog, make more research online on ways that you can monetize your blog and ensure to get your blog setup to bring you some extra cash as side income.

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